PC Telex

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  • Two-wire and four-wire operation
  • Simple current (0/40mA)
  • Passive and active operation
  • Complies with all types of Telex networks
  • Direct link with other teleprinter device
  • Control of paper tape reader/writer



PC telex adapter is PC telegraphic interface that provides communication between PC and public telex networks. In that manner, PC substitutes a stand-alone telex machine and provides a variety of possibilities, such as: text processing transfer, automatic dialing, message timing transmission, telegraph processing control etc.

We deliver telex adapter with corresponding Windows® software. Resident part of software enables automatic message receiving, with short message about telex transmission displayed on the PC screen. It is possible to accept communication with telex sender. Any telex can be saved to PC hard disk.

Two versions, differing in type of connection and features, are available: external device and internal PC card.

There is no need for external power supply, – complete power is supplied from PC connection. Adapter is multiple protected from current and voltage shocks coming from line and provides full galvanic isolation of PC from Telex line.

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Signal interface CCITT V.24, V.28 EIA-232C (DB25,DB15,DB9)
Line interface Electric loop 5mA/40mA
Connection Public telegraph network
Line connector Microconnector RJ11
Operation Passive, parity
Speed 50, 75, 110, 200 Bd.
Power supply Not required
Dimensions 100 x 50 x 24 mm (external device)
Weight 120 g